As much as I love elephants, it’s never fun when there’s one in the room that no one knows how to talk about. A year ago today we celebrated one of the most perfect days of our life and said, “I do”. I’ve been getting messages today (and the last few weeks for that matter) from friends wondering if things are OK with Brad and myself. While I’m not a big fan of sharing the sad parts of my life all over social media, it seems only fair after bringing everyone in to our love story. Over the last few months, Brad and I have been separating and decided to divorce. The details and the reasons are private, but I can say with my whole heart that he has been the love of my life and I do not regret a single moment of our time together. I have learned more about myself and expanded beyond my comfort zones with and because of him and I will gratefully continue to do so. I’ve taken the vows we took before God and our friends and family very seriously, but sometimes when things burn too bright, they can also burn out and we definitely burned brightly. Please don’t feel sad for us, if anything I’d ask that you use the same love and hope you held for us being together to help us find clarity and love as we navigate our separation. I’m turning off the comment section on this one because I think this is almost too much publicly. Feel free to reach us privately should you feel inclined, but know that we feel your love and support always.
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