You can blame or thank my friend @travisvanwinkle. Starting today, I’m setting my intention of 30 days without social media. My Summer Of Yes has been upgraded to a Year Of Yes with the hopes of becoming a Life Of Yes that doesn’t require a hashtag. And while adding bucket list dreams like going to Dollywood or standing up on a paddle board are giving me life, the real goal is to go outside my comfort zone and dig deeper into myself. It’s no secret that I’ve relied on my social media these last few months to help me feel connected while my world was crumbling and the isolation and loneliness was breathing down my neck. For that alone, I will never lament the pitfalls of social media, but for now, simply put, I’m taking a break. If you need me, text or email. I’ve got a book to write, a job to do, a Gus to cuddle and a self to love. Let’s see how I do with a little less distraction. And @travisvanwinkle, I’m thinking we have something to discuss in a month on my @beeyoupodcast 😜
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