Dear 17 year old Bob,
You are stronger than you think. You always have been and you always will be. You’re going to be knocked down a few times, but I’m proud to say you get back up every time. You’re going to encounter some of the most extraordinary people on this planet. Many of them will become the greatest friendships and support you in ways you can’t imagine. Always continue to honor those friendships and treasure them for they will always carry you to the finish line.
Stop thinking you’re fat. Take care of your body now. You only have one. Trust me, it will bite you in the ass. .
Don’t be afraid to love. Your heart is going to get broken a few times, but never let that stop you. As I’ve said already, you’re so much stronger than you know. .
So love boldly, love brightly, love fiercely. Learn to love yourself as much as you love others and you’ll be unstoppable. Trust me, I’m in the know.
your 44-year-old self.

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