This is my friend Tim today out caching rainbows. For the last 6 weeks you’ve seen me posting about cancer and begging you to donate to Eva’s Student Of The Year campaign. The good news is, if you’re sick of hearing about it, there’s only 8 days left. The bad news is, there’s only 8 days left and I still have $3500 to raise to meet my personal goal. During this campaign you’ve heard me talk a lot about Eva, who is now 16 and living cancer free. The one I haven’t shone a bright enough light on is her dad Tim. Eva and Tim were diagnosed at the same moment and seeking treatment at the same time. As you know, Eva’s has been completely erased. Tim however lives with cancer every day. It’s so important to say lives, because that is what this man does… he lives. He brings joy, grace and kindness into every situation, whether professional, personal or social. When I was baptized in 2016, Tilm was the man who stood up for me at the alter and shared how much that moment meant to him and his late great uncle who was also gay, and never had the honor of being accepted publicly in church like that. His girls are like my nieces, his wife my unflappable confidante and Tim himself, the brother we all imagine having while gazing at a Norman Rockwell painting. To know Tim is to love Tim and to know that he LIVES everyday with cancer by taking a pill should inspire you and fill you with hope. 20 years ago, people diagnosed with Tim’s specific cancer, were given a very short death sentence. They didn’t know enough about it and they didn’t have enough options for curing. But this little nugget of info is what has been driving me so passionately to raise money. This is not money raised to blow in the wind. It is money that will be used to research people like Tim, keep him alive and eventually knight him as cancer free. So when you think you’re at the polls and your vote doesn’t matter, think again! Wait, wrong soap box. When you think that only $5 or $10 you donate doesn’t matter, so why bother? You couldn’t be more wrong! I have over 3,000 connections on each of my social medias. If everyone gave only $5, that explodes instantly to $15,000. Your dollar counts. @leukemialymphomas
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