Good ol’ Donna Lamar…

I sent out an email yesterday wishing everyone a happy new year and recounting many of the events of the last year… since I rarely experience these events alone, I wanted to remind everyone who shared them with me all of the fun experiences of 2004… well, apparently someone must’ve forwarded my email on to a Donna Lamar… a woman whom I have never met before and who went to respond to her friend, accidentally replied to me… here is what she wrote and my response to her… feel free to send her a letter if you feel so inclined… what do I care???

— Donna Lamar ( wrote:

> i couldn’t get past april. this is too long and he

> is too self obsessed


I don’t know who you are, but I am assuming you meant to reply to whoever sent it to you… it wasn’t meant as a forward for people to send, it was a note to my friends about what I have been up to this year since many of my friends experienced many of those events with me… self-obsessed? you have no idea…

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