A very special birthday thank you

I don’t even know where to begin. I can’t believe I am turning 30. I can’t believe I am looking forward to turning 30. I can’t believe that I am turning 30 with a smile on my face (although that may just be because the party is finally over). I have been busting my ass and ripping my guts out to throw the best party I could. Sure for myself, but more so, for you, my friends and family, because you have made me. You have encouraged my insanity and created the person I am today. So I celebrate this day with you and thank you for 30 years of laughter, love, encouragement, hope, tears, fights, hugs, martinis, travels, meals, songs, dances, reminders, advice, and your shoulders on which I at one time or another have used to rest my head or sob uncontrollably. It has been a journey thus far like I can’t believe. The pages on this website are filled with memories, some I wished I remembered, others I chose to forget, yet amazingly I still possess many more in my own mind. It has been a rich and full life and I couldn’t have done it without any of you. Whether we see each other everyday in the office and I am pulling your hair or we see each other once a year for 5 minutes in an airport as I am passing through for some insane adventure, I treasure all of my interactions and am thankful to be blessed with so many.

I will see y’all at my 40th, cause I ain’t throwin’ no more o’ these parties! But in the meantime, drink up, dance like nobody’s watching and have the time of your life. This night doesn’t belong to just me. It is ours; for without you, I am nothing!

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