You are bright and witty

Today at lunch I received a fortune in my fortune cookie that read, “You are bright and witty”. Of course I thought, “I know” and, “what a dumb fortune”. Then after I tossed it aside, I got to thinking… what if I were some boring and slow person? Because we all know people who are… I am not talking about the people who are slow to get a joke (it sometimes can take me up to 24 hours to laugh at a joke)… I am referring to the people who are generally crabby… they understand a joke, but don’t laugh at it… maybe they are just a little slow on the social uptake… What goes through their head when they open a fortune like that? Do they think to themselves, “yeah, I am bright and witty” or are they actually aware of their shortcomings and think, “I wish I were… if only my mother had loved me more and kids in school had teased me less”… really all this is proving to me is that I shouldn’t eat Chinese food for lunch!

Happy birthday yesterday to Annie Friedman and Peggy Harris and tomorrow to little Stephanie Jones, who at 29, is seeming a lot less little… wasn’t it just yesterday that we were teenagers playing at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk in our red underwear?

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