A random message I received from Myspace

this is the message he sent:

god created adam and eve.. not adam and eve. GAY FAGGIT

here is his profile:

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Believe it or not, I actually didn’t get upset. I can’t help but feel anything but sad for him. He is too young to have these thoughts on his own and has so obviously been taught to think this way. He has been taught to hate. I just WISH they could at least teach him to hate with an education so that I could at least understand that God should have some respect and be capatalized, as should Adam and Eve. I also wish he wouldn’t mix his metaphors because it makes no sense. I am sure he meant to mention something about Adam’s boyfriend Steve, but in his uneducated hatred, he lost me. And yes I am gay. I suppose since it is respectful, I am Gay. But I am no faggit. I am a Faggot. Which according to the dictionary is supposed to be used as a disparaging term for a homosexual man.

I don’t feel so disparaged, I just wish he knew what disparage meant. Oh, how educated youth would delight me so…

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