a weekend of whining…

a weekend of whining…

Paddy and I traveled north to the Russian River this past weekend for a barrel tasting tour to celebrate my Aunt Heidi’s

Note to self:

I need to write here more. I need to write more in general. I always feel better after I have written. Somewhat accomplished.

My head is getting smaller.

My first lesson of taking a photo is to always stick your chin out. I used to feel that was enough, but lately, I have been ha

Another fun weekend at the beach…

Big huge fat thank yous to Ross and Elise for letting us come and play in their haven!

That’s my girl!

Int- Gay Night Club Three friends (Jessie, Bob and Freddy) are soaking with sweat as the music swells to reveal Kelly Clarkson

Could be so beautiful TONIGHT!

Tiffany- Tonight! 2/24 9:00 pm The Factory652 N. La Peer Dr., West Hollywood, CACost: $10Tiffany is proud to announce a date a

Keeping the Sizzle sizzling…

Okay, so Sizzle has thrown down the gauntlet, so I am facing the challenge and going public with my Top 10 American Idol predi

Your next American Idol…

Shaunessy found this for me this morning on the American Idol website. I wasn’t going to post it (as most know, I am not

my inbox is full and they all seem to resonate

Dear Bob, Here is your single’s love horoscope for Tuesday, February 21: There’s only one person you should be con

I’m going back to bed.

Dear Bob, Here is your horoscope for Monday, February 20: You’re the hub of lots and lots of social activity, but what y