Vote Baby Vote

Vote Baby Vote

Who you vote for is up to you. It is your inalienable right. So use it. I have added a link to the left, just click on it and

a scary dream and endless thoughts…

I had the most bizarre and intense dream last night. I dreamt that Los Angeles was being bombed. I was on top of a hill lookin

A Service worth promoting…

My friend Brandi forwarded this to me this afternoon… you know I love a good cocktail, so it is only fair and smart that

Friend won’t back off on pushing her political beliefs

Feeling overwhelmed by the endless political email forwards your friends keep sending you? I thought Tuesday’s Dear Abby

Mirna and Schmirna

Is anyone else watching the Amazing Race this season? I am completely obsessed with cousins Charla and Mirna (otherwise known

Apul and Adam go to White Castle

Last night after work, I went with my friend Greg to see “Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle”… I have a str

I’ve got one hand In my pocket and the other one is reaching for a Barenaked Ladies CD…

I never sat down to write my poem, but am keeping it on my list of things to do. Have only had one flare up of Ants since the

I am throwing another party!

When:    Tue, August 24, 7:30PM Where:   Bergamot Station        &

A Home At The End Of The World With No Ants

I already tried this once today, but the power went out at the office and I am now forced to start over from scratch… I

They are taking over the world. But I refuse to let them win.

Yesterday morning, I woke up to another invasion of ants in the kitchen. I am beginning to feel like a war vet with all of the