Desperate Times Call For Desperate Measurements

Desperate Times Call For Desperate Measurements

The thing I have found most interesting about the subject of my new column is how out of touch people are with the junk in the

Happy New Years! (in March)

I may have shared the majority of my feelings on New Year’s Eve in my first installment of Love Handles, but what I didn

Happy Easter!

Here’s to hoping that the Easter Bunny brings you large baskets of chocolate, love and laughter this Sunday (and hopeful

I’d rather be a desperate housewife than a fat actress…

This is a photo that I just received a couple of weeks ago, but I finally decided to share. It was taken back in December at K

Spy Girl Run… one year later…

So hard to believe, but it has been one year since our one and only grand performance at the Whisky-a-Go-Go on the Sunset Stri

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

An Irish man is sittin in a pub one night when 3 Englishmen walked in. The men sit down, and start to talk about how they can

Debbie Harry High Class of 1980 Senior Prom

The Mclean’s surprised us all when they showed up looking smashing at the Debbie Harry High Class of 1980 Senior Prom. I

Regrets… I have a few…

I really hoped that the first time I was going to write about me having sex for all the world to read, it would be hot and sci

Why Are You HERE?

Earlier this week I went to the One Tree Hill Tour at The Wiltern, where Gavin DeGraw was headling with The Wreckers (w/Michel

Summary of the 2004 Election

The Democrats’ mistake was in thinking that a disastrous war, national bankruptcy, erosion of civil liberties, corporate