It’s time to sweat to the oldies!

It’s time to sweat to the oldies!

There’s only one Richard Simmons! Click here for the latest edition of Love Handles where I take an exercise class taugh

Catching Up With Erasure

Chatting on the phone with one of my heroes, Andy Bell from Erasure (right), was a real dream come true… and I am really

Love Handles Goes to Vegas

A piece of good news… when I went in for that photo shoot, I grabbed the shirt I am wearing at the last second… a

Love Handles, part 2

The second installment is already up… This has been such an interesting process

The Premiere of Love Handles

Today was the official day Love Handles, my new bi-weekly column on, was finally published. It is as exciting as it is

My Surreal Life… with Jane Wiedlin

My friend took this picture of Jane and I… and yes, this is just how close up she got us… oh well, sometimes the e

Going to a Go-Go…

My new interview with Go-Go Jane Wiedlin is available for you to read online… It

Good ol’ Donna Lamar…

I sent out an email yesterday wishing everyone a happy new year and recounting many of the events of the last year… sinc

I’ve been electronically published!

I have written my first interview for on my friend Kathy Griffin… you can read it here:

Am I only dreaming?

The last 20 minutes of my life have me in such a tail spin that I don’t know how to react… you could tell me I am